Industrial Organization 2012-13

New year, new course, new textbook

This course is starting again, and the content of lectures will be a little different this year. But last year’s slides might still be helpful, so I’m leavin...

Lecture 1: Introduction to IO

In this lecture, I give a basic overview of IO, and we do some “revision” of demand curves, profits, welfare and monopoly.

Lecture 2: Basic oligopoly

In this lecture, we start with a game theory refresher, and then we move on to look at Bertrand and Cournot oligopoly. Lecture 2

Lecture 3: Further static oligopoly

In this lecture we go further into the consequences of Bertrand and Cournot competition, and we investigate the links between the two. lecture 3.pdf

Mock end of term test

Below is the mock for the end of term test which will happen next week (week 10). As I said in the lecture, the final test will be identical except for diffe...