Industrial Organization 2011-12

General reading

Core texts: Cabral, Introduction to Industrial Organization Tirole, The Theory of Industrial Organization


Welcome to this blog. On it will be posted all of the slides and reading material for my Industrial Organisation teaching. Feel free to comment on posts with...

Lecture 5: Product differentiation 1

In this lecture we cover: The Dixit-Stiglitz (1977) exogenous product differentiation model. The Hotelling (1929) linear-city model of endogenous differ...

Lecture 6: Product differentiation 2

This week we look more at product differentiation, covering Price discrimination in the Hotelling (1929) set-up. The Salop (1979) circular-city model, a...

Lecture 8: Advertising

This week we look at advertising, covering: Different views on why advertising works. Several models and their welfare implications. Some empirics.