Lecture 9: More on advertising

In this lecture we look at advertising with free-entry and advertising in oligopoly, before concluding with some empirics.

Lecture 8: Vertical differentiation and advertising

In this lecture we go through a model of vertical differentiation, then begin our final topic on advertising.

Mock end of term test

Below is the mock for the 2013 end of term test. The actual test will be the same, other than having different numbers in places.

Mock End of Term Test 2013

Lecture 7: More on product differentiation

In this lecture we look further at horizontal product differentiation models. The slides we did not cover in the lecture go over vertical differentiation models, and introduce advertising.

Lecture 6: Profit reducing price discrimination, and product differentiation

In this lecture we finish last week’s analysis of price discrimination by looking at some cases in which price discrimination actually reduces profits.

We go on to analyse horizontal product differentiation models, which are models in which different consumers prefer different goods.