Lecture 9: More on advertising

In this final lecture we look at a few more models of advertising. Lecture 9

Mock end of term test

Below is the mock for the end of term test which will happen next week (week 10). As I said in the lecture, the final test will be identical except for different parameter values. It is supposed to go a bit beyond what we’ve covered in lectures, so don’t be scared if it seems confusing at first. Just take your time, and work through it carefully over the next week. Mock End of Term Test 2012

Lecture 8: Vertical differentiation and advertising

In this lecture we go through a model of vertical differentiation, then begin our final topic on advertising. Lecture 8

Lecture 7: More on product differentiation

In this lecture we complete our analysis of product differentiation, looking at location choice, welfare, discriminatory equilibria, product proliferation and some empirics. Lecture 7

Lecture 6: More on price discrimination and nonlinear pricing + Intro to product differentiation

In this lecture we finish up the price discrimination topic, and introduce two models of product differentiation. Lecture 6