Lecture 9: Research and Development

In this lecture we look at R&D, covering:

  • What R&D does.
  • Whether competition helps or hinders R&D.
  • Business stealing and entry deterrence.
  • Patent races.
  • Policy

Lecture 9

Lecture 8: Advertising

This week we look at advertising, covering:

  • Different views on why advertising works.
  • Several models and their welfare implications.
  • Some empirics.

Lecture 8

Lecture 7: Collusion and Dynamic Oligopoly

In this lecture, we cover:

  • Why collude?
  • Examples and types of collusion.
  • Collusion in Dynamic Oligopoly.
  • The Folk Theorem.
  • Factors facilitating collusion.

Lecture 7

Lecture 6: Product differentiation 2

This week we look more at product differentiation, covering

  • Price discrimination in the Hotelling (1929) set-up.
  • The Salop (1979) circular-city model, and how product proliferation may be used for entry deterrence.
  • The Shaked and Sutton (1982) quality choice model of vertical differentiation.
  • Some empirics, and other issues.

Lecture 6

Lecture 5: Product differentiation 1

In this lecture we cover:

  • The Dixit-Stiglitz (1977) exogenous product differentiation model.
  • The Hotelling (1929) linear-city model of endogenous differentiation.

Lecture 5