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Pre-course exercises

Exercises: PhD Macro 2 Topic 0 Questions

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Article on Universal Basic Income as a tool for tax and benefit reform

  • On 4th October 2017
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A few weeks ago, a journalistic article of mine on Universal Basic Income as a tool for tax and benefit reform was published on Social Liberal Forum. The article is available here. The aim was to sell UBI to a centrist audience. This post also marks the first post since my major redesign of my […]

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Topic 7: Advertising

In this topic we examine different views on the mechanisms by which advertising works, examining the welfare consequences of advertising in each case. IO-2014-topic-7.pdf Lectures (OLD AT PRESENT): Class (OLD AT PRESENT):

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Topic 6: Product differentiation

In this topic we analyse horizontal product differentiation models, which are models in which consumers value variety in consumption, or in which different consumers prefer different goods. IO-2016-17-topic-6.pdf Lecture: Class:

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Topic 5: Price discrimination and nonlinear pricing

In this topic, we look at the different varieties of price discrimination which monopolists may perform. IO-2015-16-topic-5.pdf Lecture: Class:

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