Lecture 4: Will profits in reality be higher or lower than under Cournot?

In this lecture we try to answer the question: “Will profits in reality be higher or lower than under Cournot?”. We look at the origins of Cournot competition, and analyze collusion in dynamic oligopoly.

Lecture 3: Further static oligopoly

In this lecture we go further into the consequences of Bertrand and Cournot competition, and we investigate the links between the two.

Lecture 2: Basic oligopoly

In this lecture, we start with a game theory refresher, and then we move on to take a fresh look at Bertrand and Cournot oligopoly.

An alternative version of the above video is here.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Industrial Organisation

In this lecture, I give a basic overview of IO, and we do some “revision” of demand curves, profits, welfare and monopoly.

Here we go again! Welcome to the 2013 slides!

This year’s course will be very similar to the 2012 one, which you can see by clicking on the links on the left, below the title of this post.

Again, the textbook is:

    • “Goldilocks” level difficulty (I hope).

    Alternative texts:

    • A little difficult in places.
  • Jeffrey Church and Roger Ware, “Industrial Organisation: A strategic Approach”
  • Hope you enjoy the course.