Lecture 4: Price Discrimination

In this lecture we cover:

  • What price discrimination is?
  • What types there are?
  • What the welfare effects are?
  • Tying and bundling.
  • “Time discrimination” with durable goods.

Lecture 4

Lecture 3: Entry, exit and predation

In this lecture we cover:

  • A few footnotes to last week.
  • Entry deterrence.
    • Dixit-Spence.
    • Fudenburg and Tirole.
  • Predatory pricing.
    • Deep pockets.
    • Signalling.
    • Other models.

Lecture 3

Lecture 2: Further static oligopoly

In this lecture we cover:

  • Some game theory
  • Cournot versus Bertrand
  • Kreps and Scheinkman (1983)
  • Entry
  • Welfare

Lecture 2

Lecture 1: Introduction to IO

In this lecture, we cover:

  • What is IO?
  • Monopoly
  • Static oligopoly
  • The structure of the rest of the course

The slides follow:
Lecture 1

General reading

Core texts
Cabral, Introduction to Industrial Organization
Tirole, The Theory of Industrial Organization

Free, online alternative
Church and Ware, Industrial Organization

Further alternatives 
Richards and Norman, Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Empirical Applications
Carlton and Perloff, Modern Industrial Organization
Motta, Competition Policy

Whinston, Lectures on Antitrust Economics